Turn Your Garage Into A Kids’ Playroom

So you have a dull and plain looking garage that is only used for parking your car in, but why not utilize some home improvement tips and turn your garage into a kids’ playroom? The benefit of having a garage as a kids’ playroom is that you can hold parties for the kids without crowding the inside of the house and your kids will have their own safe place to play.

The key is to have a design theme in mind and to create a budget for the renovation. Here are some home improvement tips for converting the garage into a playroom. Storage is a common issue for parents who design playrooms but the advantage of having a garage as a playroom is that you have wider space for toy and game storage since the garage is generally spacious. Along the walls of the playroom place colored storage boxes and in each box put in certain kinds of toys the children have so they can be organized when taking out the toys. Label each of the boxes. Install shelves along the walls for additional storage space.

Wooden or metal shelves would look the best for a garage playroom. If you are crafty and have a background in carpentry you can make a table out of wooden blocks or Lego pieces. This is a fun and unique way to use up the kids’ old blocks that they no longer play with and when you finish building the table you can create a tablecloth made out of comic book pages and place the tablecloth over the newly created table. This table could be used for putting plates on during parties or mealtime. As for which color of paint to use for the playroom’s walls, you don’t have to paint in gender specific colors if you have more than one child.

Instead paint the walls in gender neutral colors such as light yellow, pastel blue, gray, beige, cherry red, burnt orange or off white. Complement the wall colors with furniture that goes well with them. For example, if you paint the walls light gray, some vintage wooden kids’ furniture would look nice in the playroom. Garages are being converted into all kinds of spaces these days and you can create a safe haven for your kids in a garage. Get some input from the kids before designing the playroom and look through interior design magazines and photos in the newspapers.



Owning a home is a dream of every person. People in this century want to occupy there own space,but the worry is how will they build this homes using least resources and building wonderful quality homes where they could stay.ln this feature am going to explain you in details tips of constructing a home without using much cost and building a house which is sustainable and long lasting.

Firstly plan your budget this by thinking about how much you can afford to spend and how much it will cost in building your new home.Then personally choose the place where you could like your dream home to be build.Once identified try to see if you can buy that land, because some piece of properties, may be so big that your couldn’t afford . You could find some sellers are not willing to sell small portion of land so you can just partner with someone else and buy that land at cheaper price after buying land look for qualified designers and contractors.

The next construction tip buy low maintenance building materials this are material that are not prone to repair after construction that is they may have been expensive to install but they are long lasting making it cheaper for you. ln additional to that you can collect salvaged material from demolition sites like used bricks,old wood and anything that could be of use to you at a small cost or no cost from the owner of demolished house.

As you build monitor construction allowances that is the money going into labour, construction that is if you agreed with your builder on a specific type of insulation don’t accept a cheaper brand unless the cost is adjusted Also choose on a certified professionals to do the work for you because you find that this technicians have contact with suppliers and contractors something that is hard for you to get. Lastly as additional construction tip try as much as possible to avoid any extra cost charges of preparing the place you goner build those are the charges that include clearing trees ,blasting rocks before construction this are just a few of many charges so the best advice i could give you choose a best site before construction that you can afford the choose a procedure that suits that by following this tips you could have build a house that is affordable,maintainable and long lasting type of a house.